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Changing your password will cause an email to be sent to the email address we have on file for this avatar. This email will contain a link you will need to click to confirm your request. If you do not click the link, your password will not be changed.
If you are having appearance issues with your avatar, clicking this button will detach/remove "All" items currently attached to your avatar such as attachments, skins, shapes, hair, eyes, clothing, hud items, etc. Your avatar will become a cloud. To correct the cloud issue, you can visit our welcome region and grab a new appearance from there, or, you will need to manually rebuild your avatar making/wearing new shape, new skin, new hair, new eyes, new shirt, new pants, new shoes, etc. Clicking this button will not delete anything in your inventory, it will simply remove all items currently attached to your avatar.
If you are having issues logging into the grid due to internet issues, you can try rebooting your modem/router as this may cause your provider to renew your connection. If this doesn't work, check your bandwidth setting inside your viewer preferences in the network section. Try setting this value to 500 and try again. If you still have issues, try restarting the region, or specify a different region when logging in. If this too fails, and while trying to login you receive a message saying you are already logged in, clicking this button will force the removal of your avatar's "Ghost" and should then allow you to login. Please note, if this continues to happen it is likely an indication of trouble on your internet connection.
Please note: There are 2 ways your avatar can "Ghost".. one is a "Grid" wide ghost and the other is a "Region Only" ghost. Clicking this button will solve the Grid wide ghost, but if your avatar is ghosted in a region, the only way to solve that is to restart the region. Symptoms of a Region only ghost include trying to login to a specific region, but the login fails, and then being able to specify a different region to login to and being able to login with no issues, but then being unable to teleport to the region in question.
If you are partnered with another avatar, clicking this button will dissolve the partnership.
If you had previously set your home location inside a region which no longer exists, clicking this button will cause your home location to be reset back to the default home location (Welcome).
You can download a spreadsheet which will show all of your PODEX based transactions in HyperGrid City.
WARNING!!!! This cannot be "UnDone". Once you click this button, your avatar and all inventory will be deleted and will be gone. Use this only if you no longer wish for this avatar to exist. This will also delete the control panel account for this avatar (the one you are currently using here), so be sure you will no longer need to login to this account as it will no longer exist after clicking this button. If this avatar currently owns land, this request will fail. Any land owned by this avatar will need to be deleted, or transferred to another avatar prior to deleting this avatar.