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Welcome to the Money Area!

This area will allow you to view/download information about your inworld currency and transactions. (Please Note: Inworld currency is provided by 3rd Party providers and we assume no risk if you choose to use it. Any support related issues with Inworld currency will have to be requested at the 3rd Party's respective website - See tips below for links and web addresses.)
- This area will allow you to view/download information on PODEX based currency/transactions.
- This area will allow you to view/download information on Gloebit based currency/transactions.

Tip1: If you would like to purchase PODEX based currency, please visit

Tip2: If you would like to purchase Gloebit based currency, please visit

Tip3: Some regions inside the grid may be using one or the other, but not both. It is important to know which type of currency can be used in each region as if, for example, you have a PODEX based balance, but no Gloebit based currency and you arrive in a Gloebit enabled region, your balance in the viewer will drop to $0. Your in world currency did not disappear, it's just not available to you while you are in this region. Going to a PODEX enabled region would return your PODEX based balance. Likewise, if you have a Gloebit based balance and you go to a region which has PODEX based currency enabled, your Gloebit balance will drop to $0. Returning to a Gloebit enabled region will return your Gloebit based balance.

Disclaimer: All inworld currency and transactions are handled by 3rd party providers and as such, we have no way to support any issues you may have while using in world currency and/or any transactions made in any amount greater than $0. We also do not support/promote one provder over the other as each has their own pros and cons, and Terms of Service and you should research each to ensure you agree and feel comfortable using their services. These 3rd party providers are not owned or controlled by us in any way. Use at your own Risk as we do not/will not assume any responsibilities for any losses you may incur due to your decision to use such services.

Details Type Balance
PODEX HC$ 1250
Gloebit GB$ 750