Managed Regions

Welcome to the Managed Regions Area!

This area will allow you to view all regions where you are listed as an estate manager.
- You can choose to restart a region by clicking on the "Restart" button next to the region's name.. (Please note: depending on the amount of content in the region, the restart may happen very quickly, or it may take some time. The more "Load" the region presents to the server, the longer it will take to be online and ready for use after restarting.)

Region Name Estate Owning Avatar Prim Capacity Physics Engine Hypergrid On/Off Size Status
Wix Town Wexnor Estate Wix Wexnor 16K Bullet On 2x2 Var Active
Dextors Dex Estate Dex Wexnor 30k ubODE Off 4x4 Var Active