My Estates

Welcome to the Estates Area!

This area will allow you to view all estates created by "All" of your avatars.
- All regions you own must belong to an estate.
- More than one region can belong to the same estate, but each region "Can" have a separate estate if you choose.
- You can change some settings on your estates by clicking the "Manage" button next to the Estate Name.
- You can create a new Estate by clicking on the "Create New Estate" button. (Please note, all "Empty" estates will be deleted if left empty for more than 24 hours.)
- You can "Move" a region from one estate to another if you like by clicking the "Manage" button next to the estate name and then click on a region and click the "Move Region" button.
- You can delete an estate if it is no longer needed, but it has to be empty.
- Please note, if ordering a new region, there is no need to create a new estate prior to placing your order as we will create it when the region is created or, if the estate already exists, you can direct us to place the newly ordered region into an existing estate on the order form.
- If you order a new region and do not provide an estate name, we will use the name of your region as the estate name. In the event doing so would create a 2nd estate with the same name, we will choose a derivative of the region name to use as the estate name. (Remember: You can always rename it later if desired.)

Estate Name Owning Avatar Number of Regions
Wexnor Estate Wix Wexnor 1
Dex Estate Dex Wexnor 1